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Two Way Links

Voting Open Rob N. MindManager General Comments: 4 Reply 3 days ago by Ary V.
3 votes
3 votes

Webdav storage

Voting Open Tarz 20 days ago MindManager General No Comments
2 votes
4 votes
2 votes
2 votes

Add Gantt print functionality to MindManager Mac

Voting Open Blair Y. 26 days ago MindManager Mac No Comments
5 votes

Improve Dutch translation of MM application

Voting Open Pieter v. MindManager General Comments: 1 Reply 34 days ago by Ary V.
3 votes

"Tidier" outline print

Voting Open Janndk MindManager General Comments: 2 Reply 34 days ago by Alex G.
2 votes

MindManager Go Editing

Voting Open Blair Y. MindManager Go Comments: 8 Reply 8 days ago by Mück
20 votes

How to change default print settings?

Voting Open Janndk MindManager Windows Comments: 4 Reply 30 days ago by Marian K.
1 vote
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