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Mindmanager keeps crashing on startup

Answered Anke . MindManager Mac Comments: 2 Reply 27 hours ago by krsto e.

MM21 won't work

Answered John G. MindManager General Comments: 1 Reply 37 hours ago by Marian K.

Mindmanager Integration with New Outlook

Answered Adam E. MindManager Windows Comments: 2 Reply 35 hours ago by Adam E.

Show tag fill colours in the tag setting menus

Voting Open Nick D. MindManager Windows Comments: 1 Reply 6 days ago by Alex G.
4 votes

I study using mindmap, how to share to groupmates?

Discussion Open krsto e. MindManager Windows Comments: 9 Reply 8 days ago by krsto e.

Different views on same data set

Voting Open hret MindManager General Comments: 5 Reply 5 days ago by Ary V.
3 votes

App Studio question - Link subfolder

Answered René W. MindManager General Comments: 2 Reply 9 days ago by René W.

Marco - newbie need help

Discussion Open prem Macros Comments: 16 Reply 8 days ago by krsto e.
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