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Is it possible to add a SmartRule for Topics in a special level?

(I'm planning a kind of workaround since there is no possibility to filter for only a special topic level (which would be best)

My problem:

I have a kind of ticket centre made up with a Mindmap. In my Kanban view I only want to have the main topic of a "ticket". Seems like this is not possible in an easy way.

Unfortunately in Kanban also can't use "Shift+ Alt + 2" for showing me only second-levels.

So is there any way to give a tag only to second level topics with a smart rule? A tag would a least give me the opportunity to filter for it.

I would prefer an automatic solution, since i have hundreds of tickets, and 20 new every day. I would like to minimize the risk, somethings flies under the radar.

Open for solutions ;-)



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Hello Jane,

unfortunately topic levels are not available in Smart Rules so far. Alex Gooding has already posted an idea for this, which can be voted for: Add a topic field to SmartRules triggers and expand the trigger field to include topic attributes | MindManager User Community Support Forum

A unique indicator is needed in Smart Rules, which can be for example a word in the topic text or also a character (e.g. #).

In this example, it is the word "ticket".


The trigger is then Topic Text, the effect here is the fill color green:


Another possibility would be to work with Map Parts. You could add the desired tag/icon in the map part.

To create a map part, a topic/ branch must be created. Here with the tag Map Part.


Then drag the branch / branch structure into the task pane Map Parts.


The Map Part can then be added again by Drag&Drop in each Map.

Here is then the possibility to filter for the tag Map Part in Tag View oder to filter first in Map View and then switch to Tag View.

I hope this helps you



Hi Jane,

As Jan has pointed out I have proposed this as an idea, both in the link mentioned above and more directly in this post: In fact I’ve been calling for this for some years.

The simplest workaround is to install the MAP add-in from Olympic Limited. This includes a facility to select topics by level, and also to add the topic level number as a topic property which can then be accessed and used by SmartRules.