Add Topic Level as a Power Filter option, SmartRules trigger and Formula Task attribute

Alex G. shared this idea 3 years ago
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With every MindManager release I open up each of the above features in hopeful anticipation that Topic Level (i.e., where a topic is located in the map hierarchy) will at long last have been incorporated into any of them - but, alas, my hopes are always dashed.

I don't know why this simple request has not been accommodated before we got to Version 21. Just about every other topic attribute is available; for example, SmartRules triggers include all sorts of options such as Topic Belongs to Branch, Topic Location, Part of Task Info Roll-up Branch, Number of Links and the Colour of Your Last Motor Car (OK, that last one is a bit of an exaggeration) but not Topic Level. Similarly, Topic Level is missing in action in Formulas and Power Filter.

It can't be hard to include it. MindManager "knows" the level of every topic, and the wonderful MAP add-in allows filtering by Topic Level and also makes it available as an extended Topic Property. This goes some way to addressing its absence, but easy access to Topic Level should be a core part of MindManager's feature set.

Is it too much to hope that I will get a pleasant surprise when I open up version 22, or even maybe 21.2?

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Request fully supported!

For the time beeing I have a workaround by tagging a level, but thats just a weird...


Thanks Mück.

I'm curious - when you say "tagging a level" do you mean doing this via the MAP add-in's extended topic property, or are you doing this manually or some other way?