Add a topic field to SmartRules triggers and expand the trigger field to include topic attributes

Alex G. shared this idea 2 years ago
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At the moment there is an interesting anomaly if you compare the feature sets of SmartRules and Formulas in MindManager. The former can handle a wide range of topic and task attributes as triggers, but only those located in the same topic as the rule itself. Meanwhile, the latter can incorporate input from just about any other topic in a map, but only if this input can be reduced to a numeric topic property.

One step to addressing this and greatly increasing both the flexibility of SmartRules and their integration with Topic properties would be to allow SmartRules to access descendant and remote topics in the same way that formulas can. In effect the the SmartRule trigger would have an additional Topic field to identify which topic(s) will set the trigger (with "This Topic" being the default).

This would facilitate my second proposed improvement: expanding the existing SmartRules trigger field to include topic attributes such as colour, fill, etc. One obvious use of this proposal, in conjunction with the suggested Topic field as part of SmartRules triggers, would be to allow a parent topic to change its colour to match that of one or more of its subtopics, depending on how the SmartRule is set up. See this proposal by profkang regarding this issue: Project management help - allow smart rule that changes parent topic color | MindManager User Community Support Forum

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This would be great. It would allow us to have a topic with properties acting as « global variables ». They could be triggers for large actions.

And it's a necessary step for what I would love. See "Multiple languages map".