AutoCalc feature on Mac OS missing?

David Giraldo shared this question 2 days ago


I see that there is a feature I really would like to use but I see it’s missing on my Mac version of 13.2.204. It is: MindManager AutoCalc. It should be in the Advanced tab. Does this feature not exist on MAC OS? If not, When will it? It’s such a vital feature.

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Hi David,

Thanks for your feedback. We do not have the ability to add and edit formulas to a topic or branch in MindManager on Mac. Currently, we only support formulas, added from the Windows platform, in read-only format.

I have added this functionality in our roadmap. But I can't promise on when it will be added inside product

I have also added it to our Idea section of the community. I would encourage you and all other loyal MindManager users who are passionate about this feature to add their voice and vote for this feature. Which helps us prioritize faster.

Along with Vote can you also share how are you intend to use this feature? What specific properties would you like to be included in formulas.etc..



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