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due to some questions, comments and ideas around the topic of properties, formulas and calculation in MindManager I have created an extensive reference map as a service - of course free of charge and without obligation.

This map contains detailed explanations, many examples and 2 useful macros for working with properties and formulas.

The map can be downloaded in the attachment to this thread.

The map is optimized for display in MindManager for Windows 21, in older versions the display may differ. For users of older versions I have therefore published the map again for viewing in the browser:

Knowledge Dash Formulas and Calculationsmmap.mmap (

When using the macros, please also note the terms of use and warranty disclaimer included in the map.

I wish you a lot of fun trying it out.

With best regards,

Jan Heger

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thank you for the excellent solution for all MAC Mindmanager, version 12.1.200, users under the OS operating system of!




Hi Jan,

Jan, thanks very much for this - it's a great resource.

I recently wrote up some aspects of how to use MM formulas a few days ago in a couple of articles on my blog which drew in part on our online conversation, and provided some additional examples.

The first article deals with Time Value of Money (TVM) calculations and the use of exponentiation in formulas:

The second covers comparison and logical operators:

Incidentally it would be great if these operators could be added to the MM user guide and online help documentation.


Thanks Jan for this.

very helpful! Really!!

By the way, do you know how to export to Excel and to maintain the links?

Kind regards,



Hi Christophe,

in MindManager for Windows 2020 and 21 links are supported in Excel Export. You customize the export setting via menu File -> Export -> Microsoft Excel -> Custom export


and here in the settings for Map Elements:


Thank you and all the best,