URGENT How to get rid of HACKERS on this community?

Ary V. shared this question 2 years ago

There several attempts to hack you via this community site

SAM and NIKOLAI do the same trick to HACK you

Check how devious they Place links in the middle or the end of a correct link to guide you to their HACK SITE.

Once You are there you are lost unless you have an extreme secure browser

I have explained this my comments in the posts they attacked.

See my response on https://community.mindmanager.com/topic/1165-export-to-word-fails



The links placed by NIKOLAI and SAM are DANGEROUS

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Thanks Ary, well spotted.

We can alert the moderators by clicking on "Report abuse or spam" for these comments. Hopefully they will get blocked quickly.


Hey Ary. Nick is correct. I check the reports weekly or more and remove/ban users that have been flagged. It is the best solution we have to date.

Cheers... Blair


Thanks Blair.

The report function works fine. I just found these hack attempts so dangerous that it needed more direct attention. And it worked. Thx again

Regards Ary