select topics with numbers and increment like in EXCEL

ustolle shared this idea 22 months ago
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drag and increment map topics with numbers similar to drag and increment cels in EXCEL. See example file appended.

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You can you can actually do something like this with the Topic Prefix facility in the MAP add-in for MindManager from Olympic Limited, but I agree it should be incorporated in the program itself.


If you just name them topic 1, topic 2, topic 3, etc I can see the benefit.


If I don't understand the real goal of your idea, please enlighten me.

In maps like these you will need to give the topics a name to separate them from other topics.

With that in mind, your suggestion may have allowed for a very fast way of doing a lot of extra work.


Thanks for your comments and questions. In workshops or for work break down structures I use lot the automatic numbering options available today. In workshops this can work fine. However I have made the experience, that working with "increment" can be usefull in the early phase of a brainstorming to have a number of fixed numbered clusters with drag and drop. Ok, I can put this in a map part or other template. However, ways of working are different. This might not explain everything. Thiis is my answer to it.