How to "Print notes for selected topics"

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The print notes dialogue box; only "print notes for all topics" is available

  1. Whether I have selected a single topic, more topics or no topic at all, the menu option File / Print / Print Topic Notes always prints ALL pages with notes. In other words: it does not offer the option to print notes for selected topics only.
  2. Whether I have selected a single topic, more topics or no topic at all, the context menu does not contain any options to (quick) print notes.
  3. When my cursor is in the middle of a Note, the context menu shows the "Print Notes..." options. It brings me to the Print Notes dialogue box where only Print Notes for All Topics can be selected.
  4. When my cursor is in the middle of a Note, the context menu shows the "Quick Print Notes" option. It is dimmed under all circumstances and cannot be selected.


Context menu within Notes; Quick Print Notes is always dimmed

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Tested, I have that limitation too. It must be something they will turn on in a future update.....Finger crossed.

I troubleshot a few more options:

I am in a huge map, with only a few notes. The script to print the notes worked (one page per note = 14 pages).

Then I isolated the topic by pressing f4, right clicked, and printed all notes again. Same result.

I also highlighted several topics, same result.

The only way I can see to just print just one note is: Print them all to a PDF and then just print that one page you want.

I am not on a


Thank you for sharing!

Print all notes, in fact is a "dangerous" command. It may result in an enormous print job. Therefore, printing to PDF and then printing selected page(s) to paper not only is a good workaround in times of bugs (as now), but also in general: it protects you to unintended printing of a tsunami of sheets.


I've just upgraded to version 21.1 - I'm not sure if doing this did the trick as the latest release notes don't mention anything about resolving this issue, but printing topic notes selectively seems to work.

There is one odd thing though - they are not printed in topic order on the map. The print order seems to be random but I'll have to investigate further.


Sorry, I should have mentioned my MM version: it is 21.0.261 (32-bit). According to the update check there is no update available at this time. Are you sure you use a newer one?

A related anomaly, I guess, is in the MM Online Help. Mindmanager announced that MM21 was agnostic for Word and Excel. However Online Help / Print Notes states: Mindmanager uses Microsoft Word for this function. (nevertheless, I still have MS Word on board, so that may not be the problem).


Hello All,

This functionality has been restored in MindManager 21.1.231 and is mentioned on page of 8 of the updated release notes here - MindManager_21_Windows_Release_Notes_EN.pdf (

I am checking into the issue that Alex reported in regards to the print order.

@Pieter, Check for updates for the new version is now live. Regarding the help documentation, there is no dependence on Word being installed, I will ask our Tech Writer to correct this for the next release. Thank you for pointing this out.

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Thanks Marian - the mention is actually on page 9 but either way I missed it.

Thanks also for looking into the print order issue.


Mark all the topics you want

Filter the topics - Ribbon [View] - Show- Selected topics

Export to Word - Maps- filtered

Standard function Print topic notes creates a singele page for every note. I don't want to have this.