When will the MindManager 21.1 update become available?

Alex G. shared this question 14 months ago
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I've noticed a few references on this forum to version 21.1. In addition, the online help file now references this version and also describes features,such as exporting slides and slide decks to HTML 5 or publishing them online.

These features don't appear to be available in version 21.0.261, which I currently have. When I try to update this version online I'm told that this is the latest version, and also the latest Release Notes in the MindManager Product Download Library also relate to 21.0.261.

I'd be glad if this situation could be clarified.

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The 21.1 was available for a very short time, I've found it just by random. Unfortunately a few bugs were revealed so that consecutively Corel decided to pull it. Hence, I'm expecting that version to be "ante portas". :-)


Have you got the release notes? Can you share. I'm interested to see what has been fixed from 21.0


Hello Everyone,

We have released MindManager 21 build 21.1.231 today and have added it to the website. In-Product Check for Updates will be enabled early next week.

For now, you may use this link to download the update - http://dwnld.mindjet.com/stubs/Release/MindManager21/MindManager21_setup.exe

Release notes have also been posted but it may take up to 24 hours for the updated version to show in all locales - MindManager_21_Windows_Release_Notes_EN.pdf (mindjet.com). If you open this link and find the previous version, please try again later and refresh your browser.

Please accept our apologies for the confusion. We initially released 21.1 on February 25th but had to rollback to 21.0 after receiving customer reports of installer issues. These issues have now been resolved.

Best regards,