MindManager license Admin - add features

Kimberly.Baker shared this idea 2 years ago
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As the license administrator for my group, it would be very nice to have a few simple features. Like the ability to search for a user in the full list of licensed users. I have multiple pages of users that I manage licenses for and it would be great if I can search the list when I need to find someone.

Additionally, it would be a great feature if this list of users could be extracted/exported into an XLS or CSV file. Now seeing that I have to re-administer my user list from v21 to v22, I wish I could just download the list from v21 and reimport them into v22. Doing this one by one (because I did not have a list to begin with...I have added users one by one over time), is an inconvenience.

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Hi Kimberly,

great idea. I support it.

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