MM license server export a user list

Andreas L. shared this idea 2 years ago
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In the license server portal I can get a list of all my users including the last login.

Is it possible to export or download this user listing?

If not, please make it possible. Many of our clients want to have this list for their internal use and compliance procedures.

Thank you

Regards Andreas

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Thanks for the request Andreas, I've converted this to an idea.


I just "voted" for this idea as well. It would be very helpful to be able to extract/export the list of users. Since gaining access to version 22 and seeing that I need to re-set everyone up to be on the new license, this is an inconvenience. It would be nice to have an easier way to move people from v21 to v22 that is not manual. Especially if this is the model as new versions are released. I already know that I can import a mass list, but I didn't do this the first time so I need to create it. Being able to extract what is already there seems simple but does not exist.