If I have a MSA or UPP, what features exactly am I getting in MM 22 - and not getting?

Alex G. shared this question 2 years ago

I gather from this thread that if I have a MSA or UPP agreement then I don't get the co-editing facility in MM 22 that comes with the new more expensive subscription model. This I can live without.

However, this got me thinking about what else might be missing if you are on an MSA or UPP. There is no indication in this comparison table about the status of MSA or UPP licences, and I'm worried that their feature set in MM 22 may be more like the one-time purchase model than the subscription one.

I would be extremely concerned if for example I no longer had access to MM Snap or the publishing feature. I'd appreciate some clarification on this before I upgrade to MM 22.

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I'd like a definitive response from MindManager/Corel on this, but in the interim could anyone on a MSA or UPP agreement who has upgraded to MindManager 22 please confirm if the Publish facility and Snap are still active?


I'm really surprised that I can't get a simple answer to this question. Surely someone can tell me whether there are any differences in the feature set between a MSA or UPP upgrade version of MindManager 22, and the subscription option - and if so, what the specific differences are.


Hello Alex

Sorry for the delay. We are in the midst of launch activities so it is a little busier than usual.

The perpetual offer (including MS and UPP upgrades) do not inherently have rights to cloud features. Cloud features have an ongoing cost so are uniquely suited to the subscription offer. At this time we are continuing to support publishing and single queue Snap for perpetual users. At some point that may change, but at this time there is no end date scheduled.

Cheers... Blair


Thanks Blair for your response and I appreciate that it is a busy time. I also appreciate the frankness of your reply, and your commitment that support for publishing and "single queue Snap" will be maintained for perpetual users for the time being.

I'd just like to make a few comments:

  1. You state that "The perpetual offer (including MS and UPP upgrades) do not inherently have rights to cloud features" - yet they were offered with the perpetual version and MSA/UPP upgrades in MindManager 20, and at that time there was no indication that they might ever be subsequently removed.
  2. I can also understand (even if I don't entirely agree with) the logic that expanding the cloud features beyond this to include co-editing etc should be limited to the subscription offer, but removing them would amount to an effective downgrade for users who have maintained their MSA/UPP agreements. I think that removing features that were previously added to the standard version to create a demand for the subscription option sets an unfortunate precedent.
  3. You indicate that cloud features "are an ongoing cost", which I can appreciate. I assume, however, that if these costs are limited to the Snap queue and hosting published maps (as in the current perpetual version) they are substantially less than supporting co-editing in the cloud.
  4. In this regard, the annual cost of a MSA is around AU$134 (similar incidentally to the annual cost of MS 365 Office Family, which comes with seven apps and six seats). This is only $20 a year less than the new MindManager Essential subscription which is web-based and therefore presumably incurs similar running costs to the publishing and simple Snap facility.
  5. Single and small business users would be potentially very disadvantaged by any future complete removal of cloud services. Many of us do not need or use co-editing facilities, but we do find publishing and the basic version of Snap incredibly useful. Removing these from the MSA/UPP offering would force us to either to pay a more expensive subscription which would include services we don't use, or even reconsider whether MindManager offers the best value for money.





It looks as though you've continued the discussion on how loyal UPP & MSA customers are being locked out of the full latest functionality and also potentially being priced out.

I started having this conversation earlier in the year here:


Instead of having a public spat, I have tried to progress offline with Support to no avail; they closed the original ticket (3011628) without resolution. On Saturday (20 Nov 2021, 12:14), I opened a new ticket (3133234) asking:

"I want to understand how Corel intends on ensuring long-standing loyal customers are to continue to have access to the lastest versions of MindManager and not find themselves 2nd-class customers locked out of different parts of the program.

I appreciate this may need escalating within the organisation - please do so. Should it be easier to have a phone call to progress then I am happy to make time for that.

Thank you


There are quite a few choice words that might better express how I am feeling about this experience but am, for now, trying to keep a civil tongue. It is not the fault of anyone I have tried to progress this issue with in Sales or Support, but it is way past time that management got a grip on this issue. Customer loyalty isn't something that should be frittered away without serious thought.