Native M1 support - when is it coming?

Ricardo M. shared this question 2 years ago

when ist there going to be native m1 support for mindmanager? Is there a roadmap or a release day for a new version that supports it.

The M1 computers are here for more than one year! Somehow I am asking myself why I pay a yearly fee for upgrades if the most important upgrades don´t come. Even the best customers have a limited patience...

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Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for being the best and loyal customer.

We are currently supporting MindManager on M1-based Macs only through Rosetta. Please let me know if you see any issues with that.

We are currently evaluating the effort required to develop native app support for Macs with an M1 chip.

Meanwhile, I would highly recommend you and everyone who would like to see this implemented please go and vote on the idea we have added for implementing it.

Link to this specific idea:

I encourage all our loyal MindManager users to add their voices as well as vote and comment on ideas they are passionate about.

Best Regards,



Hi Shilpa,

thank you for your fast answer. As you encouraged me, I have voted for the idea on the link that you have provided.

I have seen, that your answer on that specific page is 6 months old and is textually almost identical to the answer you have provided to me here: 'we are evaluating the effort required to develop a native app...'.

Well, what does this mean? Have you been evaluating the effort for the last six months?

I have the feeling that the mac version of mindmanager is being neglected. The 13 version has been out for 18 months. Since then, there have been five updates to enhance the user experience for squashing out bugs and issues... But almost no new features ahead from the new 'license manager'. On the other hand, the windows version gets a yearly update and the updates in between have feature enhancements... My perception ist, that the mac version of mindmanager is the unpopular child in the family and does not get the same love as the other child.

You did encourage me to vote for specific ideas... What are you doing with the voting? At least I can´t see any customer value at this moment because there is no 'new feature' deployment being done. The only thing that is being done (at least this is my perception) is a minimal invest so that the software keeps working with the actual feature set on the actual operating system... I expect more for the money that I spend in the 'upgrade protection plan'.

So your answer is just disappointing.

Best regards



The Mac version had some nice updates for Mac v13. It brought it much closer to the Windows version and much more usable on a daily basis. However, there are still several lacking features (e.g. Calculations and Excel Data Mapping import, etc). Interestingly, the Windows version update last year had minimal feature additions. I suspect much of the MindManager development resources over at least the past 12 months have been focused on creating a more fully functional web browser version. You can see the beginnings of this when the MindManager Go viewer was updated. If so, with a full-functioned web version of MindManager, the web codebase could be used for future Windows and Mac MindManager versions. This would reduce the development resource fragmentation currently needed for multiple codebase versions and the differences we see in features between the platforms now. I've seen this approach done a few times, but it takes time to accomplish. Once accomplished, the development team can focus on releasing more features at one time. We'll see...


Well, there is a version 14. Great news :-)

A pitty that it the new version is not M1 native, but I am happy, that the Mac version gets some attention after all.

Some of the new features will increase my workflow.