Native M1 chip Support on newer Macs

Lyle P. shared this idea 3 years ago

Does Mindmanager 13 run on Macs that use the new M1?

Will the upcoming MM14 release support M1 Mac?

M1 Mac Mini and MacBook Air have been available since the fall of 2020. As of May'21 the new iMac and smaller MacBook Pro will use the M1.

What is the plan for supporting M1 Mac?

For those that want to move to a M1 Mac the lack of support by Mindmanager may require us to abandon Mindmanager in favour of a tool that stays more current.

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Hi Lyle,

MindManager's production build 13.2 missed Apple release with new M1 chip announcements so currently it is not officially supported on Mac with M1 chips, however based on our Ad hoc testing we know that current production build is running on M1 Macs through rosetta.

Yes, We will be officially start supporting MindManager on M1 based Macs through Rosetta with our latest release of version 14.

We are evaluating the effort required to develop a native app support for Macs with M1 chip and certainly have it in our roadmap.

Best Regards,