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Does anyone has experience in embedding a HTML5 mind map in a Wordpress website?

If so, are there any special circumstances or problems, that you did cope with?

Thanks in advance!

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I worked out how to do this a few years ago, but then switched to using MindManager's Publish feature when that became available. I wrote an article describing the process back in 2017. I noted back then that the following limitations applied:

"...if your website is hosted at you cannot upload an HTML page at all. On the other hand if you use the WordPress application on a site hosted by you or a third party you can upload an HTML file but you will need to use a plug-in to install it successfully. ... requires the use of the iframe plug-in."

Since I haven't done anything around embedding HTML5 maps in Wordpress for a few years and certainly not since the new block editing system was adopted, I don't know if this limitation still applies. There may also be some changes at the MindManager end, however I think the basic approach outlined in my article is basically the same.

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