How can I get renewals to fix my subsciption?

renschmid shared this question 8 months ago

I have been going in circles to get the issues below resolved. My support enquiries have been passed on twice now and tonight I tried again through an email to See below for the problem:

I am a long-term MindManager user and while trying to update my Credit Card details on my account I discovered my automatic renewal has been stopped and that I am not able to change any payment details nor was I directed elsewhere on the site for options. My subscription expires at the end of September. I am also a beta tester on the forthcoming MM22 release. Current subscription version is 21. I can’t access MM for Teams.

Can you please advise me on how the update my credit card details and what my upgrade options are?

I notice on the Mindmanager site that my subscription model is no longer listed. Can you please guide me through what I should be doing as there does not appear to be any way to upgrade.

It is not clear from your web-site how to address these issues. I went through support, but they said to send my concern to Really! Why didn’t he pass it on?



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Renewals are the right people for this.

Some subscriptions do not exist anymore

They know what is best for you.

Another way is to buy through a local reseller

The best resellers also provide training


Hi Rennie, I followed up with the team and understand the issue has now been fixed. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!


Thanks Craig. Yes it has been resolved by your very efficient European Support. However, not before I bought another subscription which was not necessary. I was contacted by a New Zealand supplier who said that my current subscription would not allow co-editing. So I bought the upgraded subscription model only to find a few hours later that my original subscription would have upgraded automatically at the same pricing!

This situation occurred because several support staff failed to pass on my enquiry to the correct area not answer my requests for information about my subscription. Cleverbridge helped me with changing the credit card details which required following a link in an email. The NZ company kept insisting that I needed a new license and perhaps a second license if I wanted two people to co-edit within my office arrangement. At present I only wanted one co-editing option and thought that this would stop when my current license renewed. So now I have two licenses for 12 months. This is bearable cost to my business but a frustrating outcome as I feel I did not make an informed decision in an appropriate time frame.

The situation could have been avoided if the Mindmanager website had link to explain the upgrade pathway from MM-Plus. Second there was an indication how to update credit card details from the same site. Third, and probably most importantly, that my enquiry was handled in a timely way with different parts of the Mindjet system communicating with each other. It took nearly 2 weeks to sort and relatively simple issue. Finally, I could find no indication in my account that the renewal would take place and that it would be an upgrade.

On my side, I may have overlooked an email a year ago that explained the upgrade path. However, for the first time in a long time I actually have been pro-active in making sure my updated credit card details were added well before the renewal date. In this case my efficiency has tripped me up.