How to sort Icon and Tag groups in the markers panel

Cleo H. shared this question 10 months ago
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Hi and thanks for your time,

I have created lots of Icon groups and Tag groups in the markers panel, but I can’t find a way to sort them in the order I need them to be, by default the sort order of this groups are as I created, If I need to put in the top place the last group I created I don’t know how to sort them, can anyone help me please,

Thanks a lot,

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You can sort tags or icons within their groups, but unfortunately not the groups themselves.

There is a workaround but it's very complicated as it involves copying, cutting and pasting marker groups within the Index - you can see the discussion in this thread:

A simpler alternative based on this is to copy the individual marker groups and paste them in a new map, starting with the group you want to come first, then the second group, and so on. Then select all the contents of the map, and copy and paste into the new map. You will then have to check if all formulas, SmartRules and anything else you added to the original map has made it into the new one.


Hi Alex,

I figured out the alternative ways, but I’m looking for an easy one.

At least it would be nice to have the possibility to sort the markers groups alphabetical, then I can rename with numbers in the beginning and have the order I need,

If they added tabs for each of this Task info, Tag groups, Icon groups, Color groups it would be great to, I have lots of icon groups and If I could hide the Task info and others it will help me focus on the icon groups, but that’s another thing

thanks Alex for your time,


This has long been a problem and really ought to be addressed given the importance the MindManager team place on icons and tags.

If there is a good reason for why this is not possible then the team ought to publish it.


There is no reason for it, just no time to find the code to change it 😁

This is a long-cherished wish of many users. Please Team, go on for it 👍📣


I really love this software, and one of the reasons is the level of customization. so please as Andreas say go on for it please!!!!!!