Map Index: changing the order of the groups?

Alexander W. shared this question 14 months ago

Is this possible?

If not, how can i make a feature request?

As this was really usefull, if you are using the map-index feature for working with complex maps.


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Hi Alex,

changing the order of marker groups is unfortunately not possible. The groups themselves are arranged according to 4 types:

Task info (Priority, Progress and Resources groups) 028f7d26a767714cf6053c64300d772b

Tag groups: (General Tags and Kanban) f988e5d7460cc2ca95775a5d8e10fa62

Icon groups (Flags, Arrows, Smileys and Single Icons) dbf3e539a003cf1adc841b91bda316dd

Color groups (Fill and Font colors) cae7e16e80a8d0cc615e0c701e36825f

Except for the Priority, Progress, Resources, General Tags and Single Icons groups, as well as the Color groups, all marker groups can be edited and deleted.

However, you can set the Map Index so that unused markers are not displayed. To do this, click on View in the upper right corner of the Map Index and select Hide unused markers.


With a right mouse click on a group you have also the possibility to sort the markers alphabetical


Hope this helps.



Hm i did know this. So i know now for sure.

However - what is the answer to my second question?

-- If not, how can i make a feature request?

Two things are kind of annoying:

- not being able to rearrange the groups

- not being able to control the initial state - open or closed of a group

thx -Alexander


I am currently unhappy as i feel ignored as a user who has a request to improve the software.

Sorting - if only auto-sorting - of groups in the map-index is something that is rather a bug, as not possible, than a desirable feature.



Actually, there is a way to manually rearrange groups within the categories mentioned by Jan, but it is not for the faint-hearted as you could end up accidentally deleting a group if you are not careful. I'll use tag groups as a example of this method, but this approach also works with icon groups.

Say you have a map with three tag groups A, B and C which currently appear in that order in the Map (and on topics), and you want them in reverse order, C, B and A, you would do the following:

  1. First, back up your map in case anything goes wrong.
  2. In the Map Index, right click on group B and then click on Copy.
  3. Right click on group B again and the click on Delete. You will get a message asking "Are you sure you want to delete the whole group?". Take a deep breath and click "Yes". Make sure you do steps 2 and 3 in that order.
  4. Then click the Add + at the top of the Map Index and then click on Paste Marker Group. Tag group B should now be at the bottom of the list of tag category, as that's where the most recently pasted tag group goes. The order should now be A, C and B. Do not do anything else between steps 3 and 4 to ensure you don't accidentally lose the marker tag group.
  5. Repeat this process with tag group A. The group order should now be C, B and A.

I suggest you practice this on a non-critical map first and as I said earlier, back up any map before you apply this this method.


Hi Alex,

Thx for the work-around. and... LOL.

This is really about really cool software which has in some place relicts of the past and some sort of lack of care to details in it ;).

I am aware of the presorting according to overall types - ok.

But within the type to ways of rearrangement are state of art....:

- manual

- alphabetical

At least alpha sorting should by implemented asap as it is no effort!

then the rest is done by naming conventions.

Would be really cool if these ideas could find the path to the mindjet product team :).

many thx -Alexander


Hi Alexander,

Yes - I agree you shouldn't have to resort to a workaround to do this. There should be at least a basic alphabetical and reverse alphabetical sort facility for marker groups within categories, which would be consistent with the ability to sort markers themselves within groups.