We need a Dark Mode for Mind Manager!

Björn B. shared this idea 2 years ago
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I prefer dark designs, but the white background of the notes always makes me snowblind.

This is not very user friendly, and for me it makes working with mind manager very stressfull.

Please, we need custom colors at least for those backgrounds of the notes

A generally dark design for mind manager would also be a nice to have.

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Hi Björn,

I think dark mode is a good idea. I have already suggested custom colours for topic notes, so please vote for my proposal there! https://community.mindmanager.com/topic/400-add-the-capability-to-select-a-background-colour-in-topic-notes


What do you mean?

you can turn on the "Dark grey" mode for the menu in the options. This doens't affect the backgroung of the notes. Notes using a RTF-Editor. This has to be updated


Best Andreas