Add the capability to select a background colour in Topic Notes

Alex G. shared this idea 2 years ago
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Recently I proposed some interim changes to the Topic Notes Editor (hopefully in advance of the complete overhaul it really needs). I would like to propose another interim improvement in response to a recent request - user-selectable background fill colours in Topic Notes.

Given that just about everything else is capable of being coloured in MindManager, including tags and the topic info display pane, this doesn't seem to be an unreasonable request.

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There is already a pop-up dialogue for the Notes theme (in the Design tab) so this would be a good place to configure the background. There is also a context menu in the Notes window that could include a background command, like the map. A simpler solution would be an optional setting that echoes the map background in the Notes window.

For accessibility purposes, MindManager for Windows already supports the High Contrast theme and will darken the background of the Notes and task panes for users who require that.


Hi Nick,

Ideally you would be able to add/change the background colour for Notes in both places, much as you can do with the map background colour.

I'm not so keen on your third alternative that simply turns on or off the same background colour as the map. I think that some people would prefer to be able to set a different colour for the Notes background compared to the one used the map.


therefore we would need an update for the used RTF-Editor. This would be perfect.