Filter by tree branch and tags (requirement traceability matrix)

Stanislas H. shared this idea 3 years ago
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I am trying to use MM as a requirements brainstorming tools and then use the export Excel file to check if all requirements are covered either by a review or a test (requirement traceability matrix). I know there are dedicated software for this but I like the flexibility and graphicak view of Mindmanager.


Today when using the tag view, I get this:


I would like to get something similar as what is shown below when in tag view (filter by tag but keeping the tree branch hierarchy):


This is also pretty much how I would like the exported excel file to be (with the tags name as the column name but keeping the tree branch link. This way I could easily check is all requirements are test/review covered.

Is this possible? Maybe I missed a filter option.


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I don't think this is possible currently. Tag view essentially turns the map into a series of lists of topics organised by tags and I don't think there's a way to space them out to look like a tree.

I'm also not sure I support it as an idea. The second example you provide also works because topics at the same level mostly have the same tag - and even then it isn't an exact match. For example, the topic "Seal dimensions should be 2mm" is a second-level topic at the same level as "IP 68" in the map view but in the tag view becomes a third-level topic under IP68. Therefore there is a risk that attempting to replicate the map tree in a Tag (or Icon) View could end up with a misleading result.


Hi, thanks for the comment.

Forcing a level to be a "design requirement" or a "test" for instance is reducing the freedom of the Architect building the map. This is why I considered using the tags because whatever the level the "test" is, it will be recognized thanks to the tag... I'll check if a proper sorting can be done using the exported Excel file.



Thanks, though I'm not sure I understand your comment. The tag view does indeed work this way - topics are sorted into columns according to their tags.

I thought from your question that you then wanted to superimpose a tree format onto the tag view by spacing the topics to look like they are sitting in a sort of right-side map hierarchy. My point is that this approach is potentially misleading, because even if it were possible to space topics this way the tag columns would always have priority. This means that certain topics would be elevated or demoted in the tree by virtue of where the column relating to their tag ends up in tag view.