SAVING Screen SPACE - Auto Hide Completed Tasks and Past Calendar Invites

kyle M. shared this question 2 years ago
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Considering that saving screen space in growing mindmaps is important, can we add an option to hide completed tasks and past calendar invites same way we collapse maps?

Maps can grow unruly after a few tasks and calendar invites.

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Hi Kyle,

Are you looking for some kind of keyboard shortcut to hide completed tasks and past calendar invites?

If yes then please add this as new idea on the MindManager Community forum so that other users who find value in this enhancement can vote on it.

Meanwhile I tried to achieve it by using SmartRule and Filters features .

I created Smart Rule based on Start/ End Time property:



Step2: Then I created Filter to hide topics with progress mark complete.



After applying filter:


Let me know if this helps you achieve what you are looking for.




Hi Shilpa,

I am looking for an option that completely collapses the calendar and reminder boxes to just a "dot" or the same way, the map is collapsed. I am just trying to find a way to save space on the screen. I guess the other option is to delete the calendar and reminder boxes...


Hi Kyle,

If you are looking to collapse the topic which has all passed calendar events and reminders, you can do it using keyboard shortcut Command+Option+0 to collapse the calendar topic that's get created.

If you have a branch which has mixed regular topic and calendar topics then yes you won't be able to collapse just calendar topic and that's something like an enhancements or new feature which you have to add it again on Idea section :).