Select Multiple Text Items and have an Auto Width/Wrap Format Option

gslade_2 shared this idea 3 years ago
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When I paste multiple text items, I want to be able to select them and choose how many lines I want the text of each item to automatically wrap - some text items will be a single line length, and some will wrap across four lines by default. Currently, I need to go to each text item and drag its width until the text wrapping is across two lines (e.g. vs the four by default). When there are a number of text items I've pasted into a map, this is a waste of time. I want to be able to select all the text items and choose to wrap the text at two lines automatically where appropriate (versus me needing to go to each item individually).

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Hi gslade,

I think you might be looking for the preferred width setting.

Select a topic and open the Format Topic dialog and choose the Size and Margins tab


Change the Preferred Width setting to your liking


Click Map Theme then Save in Default Theme for this Map


The change will now apply to all topics on the selected level in the map and include new topics you paste in at that level.


Hope that helps!


Thanks - this is useful - it's not 100% what I was suggesting (select multiple topics and choose the number of lines the text should wrap over - the topic width changes to accommodate this), but is a time saver vs needing to select each topic!

I can't see the exact same options/way to do this on the Mac version, but a similar method (clarify if there's the same option on Mac that I'm missing):

Approach #1 - 'Match Width for Selected Topics' (or All Topics):


Approach #2 - Set as Default Format (this affects all topics though, not just on the same level)



Hi gslade,

We don't have a way of wrapping text based on number of lines but we have an option to start wrapping text once topic reached to a preferred width. This option of setting preferred width is available under Format inspector pane inside Mac Application.

Select a topic and open inspector pane on right. go to Format and choose Style tab and set the preferred width based on your requirement.


Let me know if you have more questions.




MM for WIndows is similar, but not equal to MM for MAC

It is extremely difficult to know what your issue is, if you mix platforms.

Please help yourself ( and us) by clarifying for what platform your question is meant.

If it is for both, please be so kind to post the issue for each ptatform

Thanks a lot