How to open folders and files in the integrated browser

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I have the Version MM version 23.1.240:

Mindmanager always opens the links in my map to folders and files on my notebook externally in Windows Explorer. I would like to display the folders and files in the integrated browser.

In the ribbon under Links I have checked "Use integrated browser for links".

To the setup:

- Windows 11

- MM version 23.1.240

I have also another notebook with Windows 11 - and there I installed the Version MM 17.0.290 - and on this second Notebook the display of the folders and files in the integrated browser works.

Therefore, I have some doubts about the statement in a previous topic

(<> )

"I have received the following response from technical support.

Unfortunately, links to local folders can no longer be opened in MindManager. This was mapped via the integration to Internet Explorer in previous versions. Since IE has been replaced by Edge, we also had to update the integration in MM, so Windows Explorer is also launched when local folder links are invoked."

I would like to have the function again in my new MindManager Version 23 - an this should actually work, becaue I see it on my second notebook.

Thank you very much.

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It works on your second PC because it has MM 17 installed there which supports IE integration. MM 23.1 no longer supports it.