How to open folders and files in the integrated browser

Markus M. shared this question 15 months ago


Mindmanager always opens the links in my map to folders and files on my PC externally in Windows Explorer. I would like to display the folders and files in the integrated browser.
In the ribbon under Links I have checked "Use integrated browser for links".

I know this has to go, as I held this position at my former employer in MM.

Is there still a setting somewhere?

To the setup:
- Windows 10
- MM version 22.2.210

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Hello Nick,

thank you very much for your answer. But I don't mean Internet Explorer, I mean the normal (Windows) Explorer for viewing folders and files.


This seems to be working OK for me, though I think Nick was suggesting that the answer to my earlier query re File Explorer searches (ie, that the Microsoft Edge WebView2 control adopted in MM21.1 has less functionality than the Internet Explorer based WebView control) may also be relevant in your case. I suggest contacting technical support.


Hello Alex,

thank you very much for your answer. Then I will contact the technical support.


Hello Markus,

I'm afraid Technical Support cannot help here. The Microsoft Edge WebView2 control used within MindManager 22 cannot display files and folders at this time and will always open a File Explorer window externally.

I am asking our Engineering Team to check if Microsoft has made any updates to this control to allow displaying folders and files again in our integrated browser and will update this thread when I learn more.




Hi Marian,

You are right about folders - I didn't test this before. However, I can still open links to individual files using the inbuilt browser.


Hi Alex,

To clarify, I meant the integrated browser can no longer display the contents of drives at this time, folder names and file names. The option to preview files such as PDF and Images continues to work.


Hello all,

I have received the following response from technical support.

Unfortunately, links to local folders can no longer be opened in MindManager. This was mapped via the integration to Internet Explorer in previous versions. Since IE has been replaced by Edge, we also had to update the integration in MM, so Windows Explorer is also launched when local folder links are invoked.

@Nick @Alex @Marian: Thanks for your support :-)