Unusual behaviour of built-in browser in MindManager 22 with File Explorer searches

Alex G. shared this question 18 months ago
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Up to MM 20 I could save a File Explorer search as a link on a topic and opt to use either the built-in or an external browser to view the search results. However, in MM 22 the built-in browser just shows the code for the search instead of the results. Fortunately the external browser works normally, but I would still prefer the internal browser to work properly.

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Hello Alex,

This may be due to MindManager 21.1 and later using the Microsoft Edge WebView2 control, which does not support all of the functionality of the Internet Explorer based WebView control.

Can you provide an example of the link and/or images of what you are seeing?




Apologies on not responding earlier.

This is an example map with a link to a File Explorer search for files called Other Stuff located in a specific folder:


This is a section of the search result using the inbuilt browser in MM22:


This is the result using an external browser:


And this is the result in MM20 using the internal browser: