Integrate with ChatGPT to save MindManager's position as a market leader

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At the moment, I have a ChatGPT I have named Mind Explorer that answers questions with a format that is easy to copy and paste into MindManager. I would love for Mindmanager to come up with a formal solution to integrate MindManager with Chat GPT, maybe even through an API. For that to happen, there are several key elements that would be necessary from MindManager:

  1. API Documentation: Comprehensive documentation from MindManager detailing their API endpoints, request formats, and response structures. This would provide the necessary information on how to interact with MindManager's system programmatically.
  2. Authentication Details: Information on how to authenticate with MindManager's API. This could be through API keys, OAuth tokens, or other security mechanisms to ensure secure communication between Mind Explorer and MindManager.
  3. Data Format Specifications: Details on the data formats used by MindManager, such as JSON or XML. Understanding the expected data formats for sending and receiving information is crucial for seamless integration.
  4. Functionality Scope: A clear understanding of what functionalities are available through MindManager's API. This could include creating, reading, updating, and deleting mind maps, as well as specific features like adding nodes, changing layouts, or integrating multimedia elements.
  5. Rate Limits and Quotas: Information about any limitations on the frequency of API calls or data transfer limits to ensure that the integration does not overload MindManager's servers.
  6. Support and Update Policies: Access to technical support for API-related queries and updates on any changes or versioning in the API to maintain compatibility.
  7. Developer Tools and Resources: Any available SDKs, libraries, or development tools provided by MindManager to facilitate easier integration and development.
  8. Licensing and Usage Terms: Understanding any legal or licensing terms associated with using MindManager's API, including any costs or restrictions.

Having these details would enable a more informed approach to integrating Mind Explorer and other ChatGPT solutions with MindManager, leading to a functional and efficient API integration that could set MindManager apart from all the competition. Someone is going to be first to market with this. I hope it is MindManager.

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I have added an export to OPML option to the ChatGPT chat program so it is easier to import to MindManager.


hi, the above GPTs may show your mindmap as OPML, I know how to copy,

but i dont know how to simply paste inside mindmanager --- what i can is save the opml as a *.opml file,

then import from mindmanger

yes, that took a lot of work flow.



my current approach is,

ask GPT to make the info into point form mindmap as markdown code block,

then save the *.md into a file, import into xmind(free), remove the **, save as *.xmind.

then use mindmanager to import the *.xmind.

yes, it's even more workflow, but it works.

asking gpt to make opml or freemind sometimes work, sometimes dont work.

and as GPT is overloaded, GPT's speed is slow these days.


cd86ba8b02cde734f7aa159ac8b56f21see? unreliable thru opml, i tried before. freemind format is better. however the more reliable one is thru markdown+xmind.


I updated the ChatGPT app to make better OPML files. Please note that it has been pretty dumb, so far. It only created the first response as a map, even though it promised to include additional inquiry responses.

Please try it out here


MindManager for Windows has an API already.

Other MindManager products do not have an API.


one problem is that,

the openAI API allows you to do everything, in whatever ways you want, but it count you money word by word.

in contrast, the openAI web form, or app form apk, with most fancy connections removed, but allow you to have 40 prompt her 3hr, regardless of the length of the prompt. looks like this is for demo purpose.

if you intend to make the webform/apk work alike the API form, you are making your life harsh.

notionAI and others certainly are using the API form and thus they could do whatever they want.

if you can pay, even for mindmanager i could easily make a macro to make it work like notionAI,

however paying word by word is not an option to quite many people.

40 prompt per 3 hr with full length could mean 1200USD per month in API form which they now only charge 20USD in webform.


that being said,

i already wrote up such a macro,

to make mindmanger work alike notionAI.

but since i will not pay word by word, i put it aside.

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