How do I share file with desktop application and MindManager for Teams?

Dale O. shared this question 3 years ago

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Sounds like you (and me) need to put out the file into a sky drive to be able to share it.


I think I figured this out: When you open the MindManager map in the Teams application and Select FILE; then scroll all the way to the bottom: there is an option to open it in the Desktop app. It worked. The other thing to note is it open in the desktop app as a READ only file. You can however Select "Check out" the map in the upper LH corner to Edit in the desktop app which typically has more robust editing options. Once you "Check it In" the changes sync back to the MindManager for Teams map. I tested it and it worked just fine. Hope that helps anyone out there with the same question, thx.


Hope Mindmanager plan to make one or more webinars on how to work with this


Hi Dale,

You can also directly open files stores in Teams using the desktop application, I posted a step by step guide on how to do that in this thread:



we will provide a public webinar "Collaborate with MindManager", April 15th. Topics will be:

  • Content control settings
  • Co-editing with the Microsoft Teams app or the MindManager Co-Editing Service
  • The creation of team dashboards via Map Roll-up or SharePoint queries
  • Gathering and sharing team content or ideas with MindManager Snap

You can register with this link:

Collaborate with MindManager – Co-Editing, MS Teams, Dashboards, Map RollUps, Snap & Sharepoint