I missed local files and cannot open them.

Motoki W. shared this question 6 months ago

I'm using MindManager solely on the web with the Essentials license. Since today, suddenly,

local files have disappeared and I cannot find them. Please show me how to recover my local files on the web.

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Hi Maximilian,

We made the decision to hide local files for multiple reasons:

  • Poor user experience in the browser that required users to allow MindManager web to access local files over and over again (browser enforced - out of MindManager control).
  • Poor user experience in the browser that where it was impossible to allow MindManager web to access certain local folders for security reasons (browser enforced -out of MindManager control).
  • Poor user experience in the browser resulting in some users losing data because they didn't realize they needed to manually save changes for local files.

In the latest version of MindManager Web (released Oct 16th, 2023) MindManager Files has been added for all MindManager Web users. The advantages of MindManager Files are:

  1. Easy to use alternative to local files (new files are automatically saved in MindManager Files).
  2. Autosave is enabled to prevent accidental loss of data.
  3. Files are ready for sharing and collaboration without requiring extra steps like authorizing a 3rd party storage providers and managing permissions in external interfaces.

Note that local files are still available when using the Chromebook app because there are web based APIs that allow interaction with local files yielding a better user experience.

We are investigating the feasibility of temporarily re-enabling local files for affected customers.

In the mean time, here are detailed instructions on how to enable Local Files in MindManager Web so you can open and save them to other locations if you choose to do so.

  1. Click the 3 dots on the top right of your Chrome browser, choose More Tools, then Developer tools.
  2. With the Developer tools open, click the Element Inspector at the top left.
  3. With the Element Inspector activated, click MindManager Files on the page to show the correct section of the page in the Developer Tools panel.
  4. You should see the below view in the Developer tools panel, click "display:none;"
  5. Delete "display:none;" and press Enter.
  6. You should now see the Local Files option (optional: close the Developer Tool panel).
  7. Click Local Files and go through the authorization flow to enable the browser to open your local file.
  8. Once the file is open, you can save it to MindManager Files or another cloud file storage location by clicking File, then Save To.


How about some warning next time?! You could have put a pop-up for people using local files for the past couple of weeks or something. How about enabling MindManager files by default in parallel with the local files for a bit, and then getting rid of old way once its stable, so if there are problems people can go back to old way whilst you fix them etc.

Seriously, do you have any concept of engaging with your customers before doing this sort of thing?


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your feedback. We anticipated some customers would need continued access to local files which is why it was not entirely removed from the app, however in usability testing we consistently saw users struggle with the local files implementation due to factors outside of our control which made it important not to continue offering that option to users using MindManager Web.

Our QA team has thoroughly tested MindManager Files and has collaborated with our engineering teams to ensure that the release is stable. So my recommendation would be to open your local files and save them to MindManager files because it makes sharing much easier.

That said, if you don't want to store your files in MindManager Files (included in your subscription at no additional charge), you also have the option to upload them to OneDrive, GoogleDrive, or one of our other supported 3rd party storage providers and enable the connection to your chosen provider in the MindManager Web app instead. Our 3rd party cloud storage provider system has been available for several years and is still available as an alternative to local files and MindManager Files.

Also if you'd like to join our beta program so that you can test new features and provide your feedback before they are released please reply to this post and let me know you're interested so I can send you an invitation.


Hi, you're entirely missing/avoiding my point. It's not about the functionality change, but more about how your org. went about it...

I understand if you hack the HTML you can bring it back (at least temporarily) - that's a dire user experience, why not just make both available for a temporary period with a warning in red (anyone suffering bad experience will be no worse off)

Having to look at support forum as to why a major piece of functionality has been removed - that's a dire user experience

Having to join a beta programme to find out about upcoming features - that's making me do your job for you, you can easily have a noticeboard pop-up on the app itself as and when appropriate (I, probably like most people, just use the app and don't look anywhere else, it's a useful tool, no more)

Thanks for offer, but no desire to be part of beta programme.

Please pass on the above feedback to appropriate people


Hi, I also have need to access local files I for some reason have issues using cloud storage. I lose connection when my laptop (Mac) goes to sleep and I have several times lost work and getting error message as in attached picture. Any one else that have that issue?



In the step of No.5. (Delete "display:none;" and press Enter), the message that means "This function has been disabled by the MindManager administrator. For further information, please contact the IT department at your place of work." appears and cannot be deleted this command. What should I do?


What is this fool solution ? a joke ?

It's not acceptable.I think I’ll leave my MindManager subscription .... and let your management do whatever they want.. ;-)