Mindmanager 2023 very slow with 26 MB file

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I have been using Mindmanager Pro 6 since 2005. It is a piece of software I use everyday and at this stage I have my entire life on it i.e. projects, reference etc.

I was very happy with its performance until I recently got an error message on saving. It said there was an issue with 'parameters'. This freaked me out a bit so I decided to start a trial of Mindmanager 2023 in the hope that it would be more stable and faster.

I have found Mindmanager 2023 to be much much slower than Mindmanager Pro 6, almost to the point of it being unusable. It really struggles with my 26 MB Mindmanager file whereas Mindmanager Pro 6 could handle it quite easily. My computer has plenty of power: 32 GB RAM, i7-770K CPU, SSD drive, Windows 10. My map has 29,000 topics however there are probably only about 10 small JPEG images attached.

Here are some examples of Mindmanager 2023 performance:

It takes 50 seconds for Mindmanager 2023 to load up my 26 MB Mindmanager file.

It takes about 15 seconds to perform a save.

There is a 3 - 5 second second delay after typing before anything appears on the screen. It is the same when deleting a topic.

I am very disappointed with Mindmanager 2023. I had expected it to be faster than the 2005 version. I used Mindmanager pro 6 on a laptop as well however Mindmanager 2023 can not open my Mindmanager file on my laptop at all.

Is there a way to allocate more of the computers resources to Mindmanager so that it runs faster, or is mind managers inability to handle 25 MB files a software issue?

Are there any plans to rewrite the software so it can handle larger files much faster? What future version of Mindmanager will this be?

Is there a limit to the size of file Mindmanager can handle? I would prefer not to have to cut my map into smaller pieces. If I did divide the map into maps and had them both open in two separate windows would I have the same issue?

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Sorry, I can not assist with a response to your situation. However, I have a 20MB file and it is relative fast and loads in under 3 seconds and is stable. I have a very similar PC spec. Do you have lots of attachments or pictures?

I think that my embedded images may be the cause of bloating the file size. Even small png picture files have a significant impact on the size of the file. Also outlook messages seem to slow down actions.


I only have about 10 images in the whole map and they are very small in size i.e. about 150 KB each (much less than 1 MB). I have always been conscious of not adding images to the map. It is the same for attachments. I probably have less than 10.


Hi DP,

Are you only experiencing performance issues with your older mind maps created in Pro 6 or other much older versions? If so, I would suggest you open one of your older files and then perform a Save As to create another version of the file. Performing a Save As should update the Schema of the XML of the mind map that should lead to better performance.

Regarding your images, MindManager 23 allows you to also compress them to make the size of the images smaller that should also lead to better performance. with the file open, go to File>Info> and select "Compress All Images for Web". I hope this helps.

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What appeared to work is as follows:

I performed a 'save as' as you suggested. I then created a new mind manger file and copied and pasted the topics over to the new file. This has worked in speeding up the responsiveness of the file. It is now close to the speed of mindmanager pro 6. I still think Corel should focus on making mindmanger more capable of handling larger file sizes. Speed and responsiveness of the software should be a priority.

Thanks for your help.