Smart Rules Advanced Option: exclude topic by LEVEL

MC shared this idea 11 months ago
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I really like adding to SmartRules Advanced Option the ability to act not only on specific topic, but else by topic level.

IE I'd like to make working a Smart Rule to topic of Level 1, or 3 ... so that it automatically acts on new added Topic.


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And please, in the meantime: add an option to DUPLICATE a smart rules !!


And maybe folders to organize our rules!

I started recently with mind manager and I'm really liking it. It has a lot of great features that other mind maps and task managers simply don't, and I haven't found anything else that fills the niche it's in as well as it does.

However, it does have some snags and I think the software is definitely at the point where users would dramatically benefit from focusing on quality of life updates for a cycle or two.


I and several other people have been requesting some sort of topic level selection facility in SmartRules and filters for years, for example:

This would have a wide range of uses and I just cannot understand why something so basic and useful wasn't added as a standard feature long ago. However, the MAP add-in for MindManager contains the ability to both select by topic level and to add topic level as a topic property.

In relation to your comment re SmartRules, the ability to duplicate a SmartRule would be useful, but you can create a rule, save it to the SmartRules library and then add it one or more times to the same or a different map.