Add a collapse all function to GANTT Pro Chart

Rupert M. shared this idea 9 months ago
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This is in followup of this question - I don't find the idea, so I created it for people to vote for. My apologies if it already exists.

The general idea is that you can collapse the GANTT view with a simply click (ideally, have the option to show how many levels you want to show in the Gantt and collapse the rest). Without having to resort to the workaround suggested in the linked topic of course.

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While I support the idea, actually there is a simpler workaround than the one suggested in the mentioned post - provided you have the MAP add-in for MindManager.

MAP has a feature to select topics by level, which you need to apply in the map view. Once you have done this, you can go to the View tab on the ribbon, select Show then in the drop-down menu click on Selected topics. All but the topics at the selected level and their parents will disappear from view. If you now go to the GANTT view, this will also show only the selected topics and their parents.