Link ChatGPT outputs to MindManager

Joel A. shared this idea 30 days ago
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Enable the property function to link values for properties via ChatGPT.

A function under the Advanced > Formulas > Insert Task Attribute functionality where one can link to a ChatGPT location to obtain a value.

Before placing a vote, the question of intrusting chatGPT with user data needs to be considered.

ChatGPT is a machine learning model trained on a large dataset of text, including user-generated content. When users interact with ChatGPT, their input is processed by the model and may be stored in logs or other data repositories as part of the processing and training of the model.

That said, having ChatGPT in MindManager is a VERY thrilling idea.

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Excellent idea. I do hope that the source that chatgpt uses, will soon also include knowledge from other countries than just USA. I believe there is a lot of knowledge to be found in Asia, Afrika and Europe.


I fully agree. Having worked extensively in Central Asia and Africa in particular >the knowledge base especially regarding human interaction and relationship marketing in particular is simply astounding. The ability to negotiate prices and still remain profitable - and the skills to operate within a intricate framework - and network even with competitors is not well documented and researched and as such

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