Is there a plan for MM intergrating with LLM model(chatgpt or others) ?

y z. shared this question 14 months ago
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chatgpt is upffiting each applications currently, and I could see some competitors have accomplished the intergration with LLM model, like mindmaster, Xmind and others..

Will MM upgrade following this way in a short future?

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That is an interesting question.

Currently MindManager can import OPML and other file formats. So it already should be able to do the same as XMind.

I expect however, that with the power of MindManager it will be possible to go further.

Please reply with possible applications to help developers focus on the most important.


Xmind and MIndMeister integration with Chatgpt is very basic until now.

The MSWord import in MindManager could do that already in version 6 or 7.

But again. I look forward to any further enhancements


True, but I could see the interation from application level is very quick, especially from Mindmaster.

By the way, Import .MD file generated by chatgpt is an alternative way to automate create mindmap as you mentioned in the last replication.