Find a task roll-up calculation that works with milestones

Nick D. shared this idea 12 months ago
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Milestone tasks with zero duration are effectively ignored in task roll-up calculations. This leads to the situation where a rolled-up progress value is zero despite all sub-tasks being completed milestones, which is not intuitive.


A calculation that can take milestones into account would avoid this case. A nominal effort value on zero-duration milestones could be inferred for the purposes of roll-up calculation only. This will give technically inaccurate progress values when zero-duration milestones are mixed with real tasks, but is less worse than omitting milestones from roll-up calculations.

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Maybe an extra rollup for milestones?

I vote for your suggestion,
But I also see that many projectmanagers don't know what the purpose of a milestone is.

And if so, they use it in many - sometimes confusing - ways


Using milestones in this way is somewhat similar to using undated checklists in that you have to find an alternative to show progress on the parent topic. I've written a post on how to manage this on my blog:

You could adopt this approach, using a SmartRule to add a value to a topic property if a milestone is present, then counting the number of these compared to the total number of subtopics to provide a measure of progress on the parent topic.


This is a very good idea. Milestones are in the task info pane. It is therefore necessary to integrate them in the consolidation