How to do 如何实现,并且默认新建导图,子分支颜色都不同-Send to My email

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Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to do this automatically in MindManager, though there have been several requests for a "rainbow" option. Currently, the easiest way to do this is to use SmartRules, one for each branch and colour.

First, create a map with at least the parent topic for each branch required, then start creating the SmartRules.

In each SmartRule set the Trigger to be Topic Belongs to Branch, and select the branch to which you want the colour to be applied. Then under effect select each topic attribute to which you want the colour to be applied - Fill Color, Line Color and/or Font Color - and select the colour you want. Then save the SmartRule and create similar rules for the other map branches and colours.

You can use a combination of SmartRules if you want the parent topic to have a fill colour effect and the descendant subtopics to have a related font colour, as per your example. However, this cab be quite tricky to do. The best option is probably to colour the parent topics manually and then create a SmartRule for the subtopics in each branch, ticking the Include only descendants box when you select the branch.

There's a couple of articles on this forum which discuss how to do this in more detail:

If you want to create this sort of map frequently you can create an example map with all the colours and SmartRules applied to a set of blank branches and then save this map as a template.