Auto-coloring new topic branches

Umed M. shared this idea 20 months ago
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One of the great themes would be when creating a new topic branch the line colors are assigned automatically. It saves a lot of time as opposed to assigning line colors manually.

It would be great to have more theme libraries for this product. Mind Manager competitors have richer theme libraries. (i.e. wider branch line at the root and thinner at subcategories )

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I support this. It’s a request that has been made a few times, I think going back as far as version 8. It’s available in many other mapping programs which will also automatically recolour topics as topics are added or deleted.

If you have a set number of main topics that you use regularly with “rainbow” colouring you could set up a map with blank topics, apply the appropriate colours and save it to use as a template. Of course, you won’t get the automatic recolouring if you add or delete topics when using the map.


You could also consider using a SmartRule for this.

Your next (i.e.) question can be done with formatting.

Ofcourse there will always be some exotic layout that cannot yet be done with MindManager ;-)


Hi Ary,

I’ve had a look at using a SmartRule to do this, but I can’t see anything to use as a trigger.

If you have the MAP add-in you can set up a topic level trigger, but not one based on sort order.


I created a map where I named the maintopic's 1 till 8

Then I created smartrules to change color

Next I created a template from that



Thanks for this Ary.

While the ability to apply line, fill or text colours automatically based on sort order is the ideal, this is a good approach provided you don't want to change the sort order or insert too many new branches. It also works best with a new map based on the template.

I created a slight variation, in which I coloured the main topics manually and then created the SmartRules with a lighter shade of the colour in each branch, with the Include Descendants Only box ticked. The resulting template looks like this, with both fill and line colour being used.


3 had a utility called "Rainbow" that did exactly this, 20 years ago :-)