Any idea when MindManager 2023 will be coming out?

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Hi there,

I have an annual license. Normally I'm charged in September and receive the new version near the end of October or early November. Just wondering when we can expect the new version. Would it be coming out before the end of the year?



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We have made some updates to our release model as we head towards a more subscription oriented service.

Moving forward, the major version of MindManager will match the year it's released. If additional updates are released this year, they would be updates to version 22. There have already been 3 releases of version 22 this year (22.0, 22.1. and 22.2) all of which included new features and enhancements. There should be one more minor update before the end of the year.

Sometime during the first half of next year, you can expect the first version 23 to be released. Version 23 will be packed with exciting new features and improvements for Windows users. Following that release there will be one or more updates to v23 throughout the year. As a subscription customer, you have access to all new versions and updates.

Hope that provides a bit more clarity.


Thanks for your reply. As it stands now, as I understand it, if I were to end my annual licensing as of this year, I would retain access to the latest version off MindManager. Should I interpret from your response that in the future the subscription based model will mean that once we stop with an annual subscription, we will lose access to the MindManager we have installed?

Now that I'm retired from my full time job I hope to have more time to delve into all of MindManager's features but there will come a day when I will no longer renew my subscription. After 8 or so years of being on the annual subscription, it would be important to retain a version. Hmm, maybe a grandfather clause for long time subscribers? Thanks for your input.



You'll need to refer to your license documentation as the terms depend on what you purchased. Just a safety reminder, please don't post your license key or other license details here.


The question was: "Once we stop with an annual subscription, we will lose access to the MindManager we have installed?"

Is the answer to this question "yes" or "no"?


Thanks Sia.

I'm happy to see additional features and I've suggested a few improvements myself, but I have one request.

Could MindManager please stop "deprecating" (ie, removing) existing features every time there is an upgrade?

There have been too many examples in recent versions, the most egregious of which was the removal of any ability to export an outline to PowerPoint.

I'm also going to suggest this as an idea.


Hi Andreas,

if you've started MM licensing with the subscription model, the answer is yes.

If you still have an old perpetual license, the answer ist no. Single users with the retired license model UPP will have MM22 perpetual.

Company MSA licenses are perpetual. Only the the support ends by quitting the contract.

Regards, Andreas

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