How to insert bullet points?

Daniel A. shared this question 19 months ago

I want to be able to insert bullet points in a subtopic, such as "Ideal Vacation: *Key West


Pretend the asterisks are bullet points. This seems like a pretty simple thing, but I haven't found how to do it yet. Any help would be appreciated!

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In MindManager for Windows, Shift+Enter will insert a new line in topic text, and Alt+0149 will input a bullet point per the Windows Character Map. (Your numeric keypad must be in number mode to work).


Maybe at some point in the future, MindManager will support Markdown and your asterisks will turn into bullet points :)


Thank you so much! You also answered a question I forgot I had, which was making a new line in a topic. 😂


Thanks Nick for this. And of course, once you insert the bullet point using this technique you can copy and paste it on subsequent lines, or create a topic with dummy text and a handful of bulleted blank lines as a map part.

As I noted in my response to Kamesh, bullet points also provide a useful basis for reintroducing line/paragraph breaks in topic text once a map is exported to Word:

If you don't need them in the Word export you don't have to use bullet points. Any special character like an asterisk or hash will do as a basis for using search and replace to create breaks, but bullet points have the advantage that they very unlikely to appear elsewhere in the text.