Develop an equivalent to the Excel Data Mapper for importing Word files

Alex G. shared this idea 36 days ago
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There is quite a strong contrast between the MindManager importing processes for Excel spreadsheets and those used for Word.

The former are being improved and offer a variety of ways to fine-tune excel imports - you can select the spreadsheet and cell range and there are several options for mapping column data to topic attributes such as topic notes, properties, dates and links. Meanwhile, the latter offers no options at all for Word import - it's all or nothing, and you can't make any choices about how key aspects of a document are imported.

It would be great if there were at least some options available for Word import to match those of the Excel Data Mapper. For example, there could be something like the reverse of aspects of the current MindManager Word export dialogue process, so you could match Word paragraph styles against topic levels in the resulting map, and/or as topic attributes, or choose not to import certain paragraph styles at all.

Another feature which could be "borrowed" from the Excel Data Mapper would be the ability to attach the imported material to a specific topic in an existing map as well as the option of starting up a new one. If possible - and I know this would be difficult given the different file structures of Excel and Word - it would also be helpful if a specific section of a Word document could be imported, much as you can define the range when importing from Excel.

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