Symbols as default for all level 1 branches (to-do list)

Eagle shared this question 16 months ago

i am trying to create a daily to-do list.

for this, every level 1 branch do need a symbol - the progress state.

is there a chance to define per default that once i create a new level 1 branch, it includes automativally an empty prograss state?

i was n't able to find it.

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This is very easy to do with just a smartrule.

Look for the template and check how it is done


thank you so much.

this helped me, but i was unable to create the rule i need:

once wrote the headline in the middle, say "todo", ONLY the 1st level beyond should have the progress status, not level 2,3,4 etc.

and whenever i create another ast level branch, it should get the progress bar.


Yes - as far as I can tell, the Basic Task List template uses a SmartRule with the Topic Belongs to Branch trigger, and will add a 0% progress symbol for all subtopics as well as the parent topics. For a SmartRule to do what you want (ie, for the progress icon to appear only at the main topic level) the topic level number would have to be part of the trigger, and for the moment topic level number isn't provided directly to users in MindManager.

As an alternative you could create a main topic with the progress icon set at 0% and formatted appropriately, then save this as a Map Part. All you would then need to do is select the central topic in the map then click on this map part to add it at the main topic level. Unfortunately however, there is a bug in MindManager 22 which means that an inserted map part may have the wrong layout, but this can be corrected after insertion (see here for more information:

It is possible to obtain the topic level number by using formulas or via the MAP add-in for MindManager and then incorporating this into a SmartRule. However, this requires a few steps and the amount of work involved is probably greater than that involved in just creating and using map part, especially as the formulas and topic properties would have to be added to new topics manually. Perhaps someone else could suggest a macro to do this.