Macro - add timestamp (generate and/or modify) topic

boertjebartje63 shared this question 21 months ago

Hi all,

is there a way to add a timestamp (property) when you add and/or modify a topic?

By macro or else?

If so, can you please help me with a string?

Thanks in advance!

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This request has been around for a long time - see this suggestion.

You could use a macro to add a timestamp (date) property to a topic, but the bigger issue is how to execute it when a topic is created or modified. Macros are generally unable to respond to events. It would also hurt performance to load and execute a macro at every topic modification event. A solution would to build an Add-in that stays in scope, catches the topic modification event, creates or updates a read-only topic property, and avoids calling itself after changing topic properties. In the API, custom properties are defined within a topic data container.


Hi Nick, thanks for your fast and clear reply! Also good to see that you already launched the 'idea' of adding those stamps as a new feature.

I guess you're right with your remark about the performance. I so far did not realize that that could be a problem.

I will consider the solution you mentioned...