Ability to Import and Export to Markdown

Joseph G. shared this idea 2 years ago
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It would be incredibly useful if there was the ability to import and export to Markdown text format. This is a lightweight plain text format, which a number of other mindmapping tools, Development tools, and Personal Knowledge Management Systems (PKMS) use.

For my personal use case, I usually mind map to brainstorm, plan, or analyse information. I often use it for drafts too. I use Obsidian MD for knowledge management and share information in Markdown format on GitHub and Confluence.

At the moment, I'm using another mind mapping tool to import MindManager files and output to Markdown, however much is lost in this translation (from Mindmanager to this tool.) Furthermore, the subscription to the other mindmapping tool is coming to an end, and I don't intend to renew.

Given the widespread use of Markdown, and the compatibility with hierarchical data, it would be incredibly useful to have the option to export information into files of this format. Perhaps it could be exported to a folder with other assets (e.g. photos) if those are linked or included. Tag support would also be incredibly helpful e.g. Obsidian suppports tags. However, the key requirement is the ability to import basic markdown and export to markdown files too.

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Hi all,

Let me share some thoughts on this topic, and further down to the trend of note-taking app, including Roam Research, Obsidian, Logseq, etc.

Markdown + Backlinks ( [[ to pop up something to link ) provide powerful tools in the scenario when we need to write a lot of thoughts as a big mind map. Mindmanager is weak at this point. Just imagine it. You need to move mouse and click quite a lot to jump and link something together.

Mindmanager is like Word from Microsoft, while Markdown + Backlinks provide the working environment as LaTeX. When coming to a large scale mind map, WYSIWYG may not hold the efficiency as it has in the small scale.

Any plugin to support Markdown or backlinks will help Mindmanager keep its competitiveness and customers in the trend.




I'm researching whether to start using Obsidian and I am a avid MindManager 2022 user. I'm trying to find out if there is some way to search on all my maps (say they may have to be kept in the same folder under a drive, don't know this yet). For example: I read, research a lot on the topic of nonfiction writing (because I teach the topic). I read every book that's appropriate and now have almost 90 MMs on the topic. Let's say I'm writing something specifically on outlining. I would like to be able to search the folder and bring up anything on any map that has a reference to outlining. Can MM do this or do I need an outside app to place the MM's in and add hashtags/keywords to so it brings them up. If Obsidian doesn't do this, I know Trello and OneNote will add the MM into their app but the searching doesn't connect. Maybe I need to stop using MM for summarization and go straight to one of those? Which means I lose years of notes. I'm open to answers (even though I may not like them).


@Catherine F. see my response in the other request you made.


Although Obsidian has some special features I like, I will stick with MindManager for now.