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Greg shared this idea 2 years ago
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Hi there are two different questions - please combine the votes for these questions. I have been asking for some time to have a 100% icon rather than the done progress icon. At least there are now a few other people out there that would like this improvement.

  • Under progress icons have the option of a 100 icon
  • New Icons for project-management

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Hi Greg,

the icons for priority and progress are hard coded, because they are used in the interfaces for import and export. In the map progress is stored with the correct %-number. The shown icon is the most suitable to the calculated number.

MindManager supports you with a wide variety of icons. Choose that one you like most and use SmartRules to assign it.

You can even add you own icon by defining a package folder in the MindManager options. I'm using Star Wars icons for project management 😁

This short video shows you how the package folder works:




Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your link and explanation. I understand the hard coding for the progress icons. My only issue is that the 100% icon is replaced with a green circle and white tick. Because of the significant flexibility of progress icons, as you mention in your comments, I still like to use them.

You are correct I can use a folder package for the icons - which I do use for other purposes.

I have used the rules tool, but I can not replace the 100% icon, it just means I have two icons instead. :(

If you would like the concept of the change, I would appreciate your vote :)