excel data mapper : import cell in Costs Property

Matthieu F. shared this question 2 years ago
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Hello, I try to import Excel file into a map and I have one column representing a cost.

I can map a column with a new property for a topic, but is there a way to map my prices into the "costs" property of my topic ?

That allow me to roll up costs on the top topic and consolidate my quotes.

The workaround solution can be to use a macro in order to move the content of the property created during import into the topic's costs attribute.

But I don't know if it's possible and I'm not a real pro on macros....

Many thanks for the feedback and my apologies fir my English.


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I can't find a simple alternative without using macros - and I'm also not very good at writing them - but a macro is likely to be the best option.

However, if for any reason this isn’t possible to do with a macro I have figured out how to convert a column directly into General Costs when importing simple tables from Word, though a bit of a workaround is required.

If nobody comes up with a macro or another alternative I'll post the instructions if you're interested.


I would be happy draft a macro to copy the contents of a numerical property called "General Cost" to the General Cost field of all topics. This would need to be run after each import from Excel. Is this what is needed?


That's correct. My property isn't called "General Cost" but that's the idea.

Copy the property value > paste in General Cost field > Remove the property, so only general cost remains.


The attached macro will scan all the topics in a map and transfer numeric values of a custom property called "General Cost" to the General Cost field in the task info of the topic, then delete the custom property.

If the property does not contain a numeric value, then it is not transferred and not deleted.

I recommend using this on a test map to begin with. You can change the name of the target property by editing it at the top of the macro.

If you need any pointers on opening and running macros please let me know.


Exactly what I need. Many thanks. I'll try to modify it a bit to take only children of the selected topic and not all the topics.

Thank you !