Manage tasks by half days

Frederic F. shared this question 2 years ago


I begin to use MindManager and I created a project map.

I added my meetings in this map with tasks, but some meetings only last half a day, morning or afternoon.

I can define in my task that it lasts 4 hours, but I cannot define if it's in the morning or in the afternoon.

Do you know if it's possible in MindManager ?

Thank you for your help

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I can answer for MindManager for Windows, but am not sure if it is the same for Mac.

The start and end times for tasks defined in hours are not shown in the Task Info pane, but can be viewed and modified in the Gantt chart. This is usually used when scheduling tasks in hours so that several can fit into the same day.

If you define a task in hours then view it in the Gantt chart, you can zoom in on the chart and slide the task left or right to change the start time. This value will be saved in your map, but is not visible in the Task Info pane or shown in the task info next to the topic in the map.



This probably isn't an issue if you are using standard days, but if you want the morning half-days to start very early or the afternoon ones to run late you may need to vary the available work hours per day. This can be set in Calendar and Task options in Task Info for the specific map. See this thread for a discussion on how to do this:


Thank you for your comments, they helped me to manage my tasks.

I also created two tags AM and PM for tasks which are 0,5D when I watch them in programmation display