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Adam M. shared this question 2 years ago

Hi folks,

I'm trying to become more sophisticated with my Mindmanager maps. I have a catalog of services broken down into operational departments. My main topic is "Enterprise Catalog of Services," under which I put topics for each functional area "Financial Services," "Operations," "Administration," etc. Under these functional areas, I have the systems or services belonging to that functional group as subtopics. (This was already built out.)

I was planning on adding properties to the subtasks, but then I learned about the Excel data mapping, and I think what I'd like to do is add all of these properties in an Excel spreadsheet.


Can I start from a pre-built map, export to excel, and then map the data back so adding property data in excel will populate the properties of the subtasks in the map?

Is this a legitimate and advisable approach?



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I can't comment directly on this as I haven't tried to "round trip" a map by exporting it to Excel and then re-importing it. However, bear in mind that when using the Excel data Mapper to import a map you are restricted to importing columns only as topics or as one of the following: Property, Notes, Start Date and Due Date. Other task attributes like Resources, Kanban Tags, Callouts etc are not available.


Hi Adam, this will work. I already did this in one of my projects.

You can define columns or line from excel as properties in MindManager. With SmartRules is it possible to create Tags from properties if you it.

Check my video on Vimeo. It's in German, but will will understand the function anyway -

Best, Andreas