How to save my work in my computer? The diagram did not download only special characters.

Jacquelyn Q. shared this question 2 years ago
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I saved my work and send it to my email. When I downloaded the document it did not show the diagram. It shows different characters (see attachment). Please help.

Files: MM 1.JPG

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That is strange.

The MMAP documents can only be opened with MindManager software or a reader. there is a free reader with MindManager Enterprise licenses.

So be sure you have that installed.


Save your map as HTML5 document. You can send that and open it in a browser.

Or you publish it and send just the link to open it in a browser.


Hi Jacquelyn,

Have you tried the publish feature? It allows you to publish you file to the cloud so that it can be accessed easily from a URL that you can share or keep secret if you prefer. Sometimes email programs have security software that can cause issues, so it's best not to expect that emailed mmap files or HTML5 exports will be readable by recipients.


Hi. Thank you Ary and Sia. I was trying to submit it through school portal. I was not able to post the link. Can I possibly save it as a file and attach it for submission?